Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor Facilities: Break away for your regular fitness routine and make your workouts different and exciting with Zabeel Ladies Club’s various outdoor facilities

Tennis Court

Play with your partner or book our professional coaching service - our tennis court is always at your disposal.


Running Track

Enjoy our outdoor 500 m soft floor running track designed to help you maximize your running ability while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors.


Basketball Court

Enjoy our outdoor basketball court while increasing your heart rate as you land a few hoops. Play by yourself or bring your team!


Cycling Track

Enjoy our outdoor 500 m cycling track surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature. Rent a bike or bring your own!


Padel Tennis Court

In collaboration with Padel Point, Zabeel Ladies Club have opened the first female-only Padel court in the region. Padel Tennis is an energizing racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, squash and racquetball, and is played in doubles on an enclosed court made of glass and mesh, a third of the size of a full-size tennis court. This sport is quick and easy to learn with rallies lasting longer than normal tennis, making it a fun and addictive sport to play! Play with your friends or become an expert with our experienced Padel Tennis coach.