Club Policy

1.1 Confirmation of Review:
The Member, referred to as (“Member”), affirms a comprehensive review of the  terms and conditions outlined in the Membership ("Club Policy") at Zabeel Ladies Club, Dubai ("Club").
1.2 Approval and Acknowledgment:
The Member acknowledges approval of these terms, signifying agreement with the Club Policy.
1.3 Release of Responsibility and Waiver:
The Member releases the Club from responsibility, thereby waiving claims and compensations associated with the Club Policy.
1.4 Binding Nature of Terms:
The Member explicitly states that the entire set of terms and conditions is binding both personally and on behalf of their guests and representatives.
1.5 Commitment to Full Compliance:
The Member commits to full compliance with the Club Policy, emphasizing a pledge to adhere to the stipulated terms and conditions.
2.1 Membership Subscription Fees:
2.1.1 Remittance Requirement: The applicant is obligated to remit the Membership subscription fees upon the execution of the Membership Registration Form.
2.1.2 Club’s Discretion: The Club reserves the right to adjust the Membership subscription at the sole discretion of the Club’s administration.
2.1.3 Value Added Tax: All prices mentioned are subject to 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).
2.2 Age Requirements:
2.2.1 Minimum Age: Membership is open to individuals aged thirteen (13) years old and above.
2.2.2 Supervision for Age Group (13-18 years): Individuals aged thirteen to eighteen (13-18) years must be accompanied by a trainer when using the fitness facility.
2.3 Personal Information and Documentation:
Members will be requested to share their personal information and relevant documents to activate their Membership subscription.
2.4 Activation Process:
2.4.1 Completion and Execution: Upon proper completion and execution of the Membership Registration Form, the applicant is obliged to remit the required Membership subscription fees along with any other applicable service fees.
2.4.2 Activation and Confirmation: Activation of the Membership Subscription shall occur exclusively upon the Club's receipt of the full payment. Subsequent to this payment, the Club may confirm the Membership Subscription, entitling the Member to unrestricted access to all facilities, areas, and amenities in accordance with the specified timings.
2.4.3 Activation Timeframe: Members must activate their Membership within 30 days from the execution of the Membership Registration Form. Failure to do so may result in the Member being unable to use any of the facilities or benefits of the Club.
2.5 Non-Transferability and Refund Policy:
The Membership subscription is non-transferable and is not subject to any refund or exchange.
2.6 Membership Renewal:
Membership renewal is contingent upon the settlement of any outstanding amounts owed to the Club by the Member.
2.7 Membership Upgrade:
Members can upgrade their Membership within seven (7) days from the purchase date of their Membership subscription.
2.8 Cancellation and Suspension:
The Club administration reserves the right to cancel or suspend any Membership or refuse the renewal of the Membership due to a breach of the Club Policy or an act that is considered detrimental to the reputation and benefit of the Club, at the absolute discretion of the Club administration.
3.1 Issuance and Ownership:
Membership cards shall be issued for each Member after approval of her subscription and payment of the subscription fees in full, and the card remains the private property of the Club even after its cancellation.
3.2 Validity and Renewal:
The validity of the Membership card is dependent on the type of Membership purchased and shall be renewed whenever a new Membership is purchased.
3.3 Benefit Redemption: All Membership benefits should be used and redeemed during the duration of the Membership subscription. The Club reserves the right to void any pending benefits redemption after the expiration of the Membership
3.4 Unauthorized Usage: The use of the Membership card by any person other than the named Member will lead to the cancellation of the Membership without a refund of the unused amount of payment pro-rata.
3.5 Substitute Card: Any Member who misplaces their card may apply to obtain a substitute card upon payment of fees of fifty (50) AED. This issuance is subject to providing proof of the Membership Subscription to the satisfaction of the Club through its executive and staff.
3.6 Membership Freezing
3.6.1 Health-Related Freezing: Upon freezing of a Membership due to a health condition or pregnancy, the Member should inform the reception, and attach medical reports duly endorsed by the Ministry of Health. In the absence of attached reports, the suspension shall be chargeable.
3.6.2 Non-Health Related Freezing: All non-health-related freezing of Membership shall be charged fifty (50) AED per week.
3.6.3 Duration of Freezing: The duration of freezing of Membership subscription is as follows:
3.6.4 One (1) month Membership: one (1) week
3.6.5 Three (3) months Membership: two (2) weeks
3.6.6 Twelve (12) months Membership: four (4) weeks
4.1 Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk:
The Member hereby acknowledges and warrants the voluntary use of Club facilities and enjoyment of services, assuming all risks and injuries associated therewith.
4.2 Fitness Capability Warranty
The Member warrants being in good medical condition and capable of participating in exercises or services offered by the Club.
4.3 Professional Consultation Acknowledgment:
The Member acknowledges the importance of consulting a specialist doctor or therapist before commencing any physical activity or utilizing services within the Club.
4.4 Medical Condition Warranty:
The Member warrants not suffering from any medical condition or disabilities limiting the ability to use Club facilities, participate in activities, or enjoy offered services.
4.5 Medical Proof Request:
The Club is entitled to request Ministry of Health-approved medical proof for specific conditions, including ailments or pregnancy, or proof of entry/exit to/from the United Arab Emirates.

4.6 Pre-existing Conditions Notification:
In the presence of any pre-existing medical conditions, including but not limited to diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, allergy, recent surgeries, or other medical issues, the Member is obligated to provide advance notification to the Club.
Furthermore, the Member shall submit relevant and sustaining medical reports, acknowledging the Club's non-liability in case of an accident.
4.7 Liability Release Warranty:
The Member warrants releasing the Club from liability for any loss, damage, or injury sustained while using Club facilities, participating in activities, or availing services, regardless of negligence or breach of the Club’s Club Policy.
4.8 Unavailable Service or Equipment:
The Member acknowledges that the Club shall not be held liable for any service or equipment that is unavailable for whatever reason.
4.9 Belongings and Liability Release Acknowledgment:
The Member acknowledges being aware of, and fully releases the Club administration from any liability for any loss or damage to personal belongings. The Member understands that all Members should place personal belongings in allocated areas, and the Club shall not bear any loss or damage occurring to these items or belongings.
4.10 Ownership and Responsibility Acknowledgment:
The Member is aware that all services, equipment, and facilities available at the Club are the sole property of the Club. The Member further acknowledges the material restrictions imposed on Members concerning services, equipment, or facilities and unconditionally approves taking full responsibility for any damage caused to Club facilities or equipment.
4.11 Notice of Contact Details Changes:
The Member undertakes to promptly submit written notice to the Club regarding any changes in personal contact details and emergency contact information. In the event of failure to submit such notice, all correspondences shall be deemed received by the Member within forty-eight (48) hours from the date of sending the contact details provided.
5.1 Modification of Club Policy:
The Club retains the right to add, amend, or cancel any terms and conditions of the Club Policy at its discretion. Members are bound by these changes without objection.
5.2 Services and Equipment Adjustments:
The Club reserves the right to add or cancel services or equipment within the Club without affecting the value of paid services.
5.3 Amendments to Membership Benefits and Prices:
The Club may amend Membership benefits, privileges, services, or prices, and shall not be liable for any resulting loss.
5.4 Guest Approval:
Approval for the entry of a Member's guests or attendants is subject to the Club's discretion, with no right to objection.
6.1 Club Operating Hours:
The Club is accessible to all Members daily, from Sunday to Saturday, between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. On Tuesdays (Maintenance Day), the Club opens from 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm.
6.2 Changes to Operating Hours:
The Club administration reserves the right to alter operating hours at its sole discretion. Any modifications will be duly communicated to Members at the entry gate and the main entrance.
6.3 Maintenance Day:
Tuesdays are designated as Maintenance Day, from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm. During these hours, maintenance staff will be present, and Members are advised that male personnel will be on-site until the completion of maintenance works, concluding at 2:00 pm.
6.4 Pet Policy:
Pets, with the exception of guide dogs under careful control, are not permitted within the Club premises at any time.
6.5 Use of Sound Machines:
The use of sound-emitting devices, such as radios and music players, is prohibited in the Club, except when enjoyed through personal headphones.
6.6 Environmental Preservation:
Members are required to adhere strictly to environmental conservation practices and the preservation of green spaces within the Club.
6.7 Cleanliness and Compliance:
Members must ensure the cleanliness of their surroundings and comply with safety, security, and fire regulations established within the Club.
6.8 Smoking Prohibition:
Smoking in any form is strictly prohibited on the Club's premises.
6.9 Dress Code:
Members are kindly requested to observe a modest dress code when visiting the Club, contributing to a respectful and comfortable environment for all.
6.10 Photography Guidelines:
Taking pictures of others without explicit consent is strictly prohibited to uphold the privacy and comfort of all Club guests.
7.1 Member Responsibility:
The Member assumes complete liability for her conduct and the conduct of any accompanying Member or visitor.
7.2 Age Restrictions for Children:
Girls aged three to twelve (3-12) years old and boys aged three to six (3-6) years old are permitted entry into the Club.
7.3 Children's Access to Facilities:
Children are allowed to access the playroom and outdoor playground under the condition that they are accompanied by their parent or nanny at all times to ensure their safety and security.
8.1 Health Assessment Advisory:
Members and visitors are strongly advised not to engage in strenuous physical exercises without obtaining a physical activity readiness assessment from our in-house healthcare provider. This is especially important for individuals with health concerns.
8.2 Disclaimer of Liability: The Club explicitly disclaims any liability for injuries resulting from the use of fitness exercise equipment or services within the Fitness facility or any other Club facilities.
8.3 Right to Refuse Entry: The Club reserves the right to deny entry to the fitness facilities, at its absolute discretion, if the health condition of a Member or guest is deemed to pose a risk during facility use.
8.4 Attire Regulations:
Sportswear and shoes are only permitted in the studio and fitness gym of Jude Fitness. Swimwear is strictly not allowed in the gym or studio facilities.
8.5 Restriction on External Trainers:
Members are not permitted to bring in their own personal trainers to the fitness gym or swimming pool. The Club provides qualified trainers in these areas, and bookings can be arranged through the reception desk at Jude Fitness.
9.1 Age Restrictions:
Children under the age of twelve (12) years old are restricted from using the swimming pool unless they are participating in Club-conducted swimming lessons.
9.2 Safety Guidelines:
To ensure security and safety, Members are prohibited from running, jumping, or diving within the swimming pool area. Additionally, entering the pool in a manner that poses a risk to others, such as sudden dashes, is strictly not allowed.

9.3 Prohibited Items:
Except for those provided by the Club, items such as balls, floaters, masks, diving tools, or flippers are not permitted in the pool areas.
9.4 Shower Requirement:
Members and their guests are required to take a shower both before and after using the swimming pool or wet facilities.
9.5 Appropriate Attire:
Members and their guests must wear head covers, slippers, and swimming suits suitable for use in the swimming pool or wet facilities.
9.6 Towel and Slipper Safety:
Members and their guests should carry towels (or bathrobes) and slippers when moving to/from the swimming pool and wet facilities to the shower and changing room to ensure everyone's safety.
9.7 Dress Code:
The swimming pool dress code mandates modest attire, ensuring that clothing covers from the chest to the knee, in adherence to the Club's standards for a respectful and safe swimming environment.
9.8 Pool Entry Declaration:
Prior to entering the pool, Members must declare any medical issues that might affect their underwater performance.
9.9 Safety during Swimming:
While swimming, Members should promptly report any concerns, such as chest pain, breathlessness, slippery surfaces, or water quality issues, to the on-duty staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
9.10 Prohibition of Outside Food:
The introduction of food from outside sources is strictly prohibited in the swimming pool area.
10.1 Liability Disclaimer:
The Club shall not bear any liability for injuries or illnesses occurring to the Member while using the shower rooms, sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi.
10.2 Shower Requirements:
Members are required to take a shower both before and after using the sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi.
10.3 Time Limit:
Members are advised not to spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi.
10.4 Hydration Recommendation:
Members are encouraged to stay hydrated by drinking a substantial amount of water during the use of the sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi.
10.5 Medication Restriction:
It is strictly not allowed to use the sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi while under the influence of antihistamines, beta-blockers, sedatives, or similar medications.
10.6 Prohibited Items:
Members are not allowed to bring dry swim items into the sauna room.
10.7 Facility Etiquette:
Members and their guests must maintain order and cleanliness in the facilities.
10.8 Safety Inside Wet Facilities:
Wearing gold and jewellery, holding mobile phones, and using music players (even with personal headphones) are strictly prohibited to avoid burns and the risk of electrocution.
10.9 Reservation and Belongings:
10.9.1 Members are strictly prohibited from leaving personal belongings in the shower units to reserve spots.
10.9.2 Members must securely store their personal belongings inside the lockers.
The Club assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings.
10.10 Age Restriction:
Children under the age of twelve (12) years old are restricted from using the wet facilities, including the Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna.

11.1 Facility Reservations:
Reservations for specific Club facilities can be made by Members, subject to prior appointments.
11.2 Booking Process:
Members are required to book their visits through the Club's mobile booking application or via phone call.
11.3 Cancellation Policy:
Members can cancel bookings through the Club's mobile booking application or via phone call. Cancellations must be made at least four (4) hours before the scheduled visit.
11.4 Confirmation of Reservations:
All reservations must be confirmed upon arrival, and confirmation should occur no later than five (5) minutes before the scheduled time. Failure to confirm may result in the slot being allocated to other Members on the waiting list.
11.5 No-Show Policy:
The Club reserves the right to suspend a Member's bookings for seven (7) days in the case of a no-show without prior notification or self-cancellation via the mobile application.
11.6 Fee Payment:
All applicable fees must be settled before using the relevant facility, based on the prices outlined by the Club.
12.1 Facility Allocation for Events:
The Club retains the right, without prior notice, to allocate indoor and outdoor facilities for events and activities. Members are expected to accept such allocations without objection.
13.1 Personal Data Processing:
The Club may transfer the personal data of Members to a third-party data processor in accordance with legal principles.
13.2 Right to Information:
Members have the right to view the information stored about them and may request the Club to delete any necessary information.
14.1 Applicable Jurisdiction:
The Club Policy is governed by the laws of the Emirate of Dubai.
14.2 Dispute Resolution:
Any dispute or disagreement between a Member and the Club regarding the interpretation or implementation of these rules and regulations shall be resolved through mutual understanding with the Club administration.
14.3 In the event an amicable solution is not reached, jurisdiction shall be sought in Dubai courts for resolution.