Club Policy


  • I do hereby acknowledge and warrant using the facilities of the Club and enjoying the services offered by the Club on my own personal decision, and that I shall endure all risks or injuries.
  • I understand that the Club shall not carry any procedure or recommendation – and I shall not interpret any statement or act by the Club, to be as an evaluation or recommendation – with regards to whether I was physically or mentally suitable enough to use the facilities or services rendered by the Club and/or the water and medical facilities provided therein.
  • The member warrants that she is in good medical condition and capable of working the exercises offered in any program that she follows or group she attends.
  • I realize that it is recommended always to consult the specialist doctor or therapist prior commencing any physical activity or using a service or workout activity in the Club.
  • I warrant that I do not suffer from any medical condition or disability that may limit my ability to use the facilities or participate in activities or enjoy the services offered by the Club.
  • The Club is entitled to request any medical proof duly approved by the Ministry of Health regarding any ailment or pregnancy or proof of entry/exit to/from the United Arab Emirates.
  • In the event there exist medical issues such as tension, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, allergy, or other medical issues, then I shall be obliged to inform the Club’s administration thereof in advance and submit any sustaining medical reports, since I am fully aware that the Club shall not be held liable in the event of an accident.
  • I warrant to release the liability of the Club in full of any loss or damage or injury that I may sustain while using the facilities or activities of the Club and participation in the services offered for whatsoever reason (due to negligence or breach contract or otherwise).
  • The member warrants that the Club shall not be held liable for any service or equipment that is not available for whatever reason.
  • I acknowledge that I am aware of, and totally release the management of the Club of any liability for any loss or damage to my belongings, and that all members and their guests should place their personal belongings in the places allocated to them whereas the management of the Club shall not bear any loss or damage occurring on these items or belongings.
  • I am aware that all the services, equipment and facilities available at the Club are the sole property of Zabeel ladies’ Club, and further, I am aware of the material restrictions imposed whether on members or on guests with regards to the services or equipment or the facilities and approve unconditionally to take full responsibility for any damage that I may case to any facility or equipment belonging to the Club.
  • I warrant to submit a written notice to the Club with any change in address, and in the event, I fail to submit this notice, then all correspondences shall be considered to have been received by the member within five (5) days as of the date of sending it by mail


  • The management of the Club reserves its right to add or amend or cancel any provision of these rules and regulations, at any time, without any objection from the part of members thereon.
  • The management of the Club reserve its right to add or cancel whatever it may deem of services or equipment in the Club, at any time of the year, without reflecting this amendment or cancellation on the value of the annual membership.
  • The management of the Club reserves its right to make any amendments on the privileges of the membership or its prices, and the Club shall not be held liable on any loss that may occur as a result of such amendments.
  • The approval on entry of the guests shall be dependent on the approval of the Club’s administration, without any right to object thereon.


  • Each member shall be allowed a limited number of guests – depending on the type of her membership – free of charges, and extra charges shall be payable on extra number of guests to be paid upon entry.
  • A member should accompany her guest(s) upon entry to the Club and the guest(s) shall be allowed to remain in the Club only in the presence of the member.
  • Members shall be held responsible for the acts and behaviors of their guests at all the times.
  • In the event the Club rejects any hosting made by a member to a visitor or an number of visitors, then the member may not object on the decision of the Club’s administration.
  • The gust of a principle member shall be held fully liable for her things and personal belongings, and she has to comply with placing same in the allocated places, and the Club’s administration shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to any personal items belonging to the members, or similarly, their guests


  • The Clubs is opened daily for all its members and their guests from Saturday until Thursday, from 7:30 A.M. until 10:00 P.M., and on Friday from 10:00 A.M. until 07:00 P.M.
  • The Club reserves the right to change the opening/closing hours of the Club on the sole discretion of the management of the Club, and any changes shall by duly announced to the members on the entry gate, the Club’s notice board and the main entrance.
  • Each Tuesday of every week is the official maintenance day at the Club, from 7:30 A.M. until 2:00 P.M, whereby in these said hours the maintenance staff shall be in the Club, and hence the members and/or their guests shall not be received during the maintenance hours or be permitted to enter the Club then until full completion of the maintenance works and the departure of workers from the Club’s premises at 2:00 P.M.
  • It is not permissible to bring to the Club any toys or ordinary paly tools or electronic ones or activities that are considered annoying or dangerous such as bicycle riding or skating (roller-staking).
  • Foods and drinks are not permitted in the Club, with the exception of nourishments of infants of less than two years of age.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Club at any time, except for guide dogs, provided that the remain under careful control at all times.
  • It is not permitted to use sound machines, such as radio and music players in the Club except through personal head-phones.
  • The member and her guests or her representatives shall abide strictly with preservation of the environment and the greenery, and it is totally forbidden to cut roses or grass or trees, and also, sitting on the grass is not permitted.
  • The member and her guests or her representatives shall abide strictly with total cleanliness of the vicinity of their presence, and also with total compliance of the safety and security and fire regulations present in the Club.


  • The member shall be totally liable for her own behaviors and the behaviors of her accompanying member of visitor.
  • Children under the age of 13 years of age are permitted to enter the Club, and they are permitted to use the playroom as well as the outdoor playground, provided that they are accompanied with their parent at all times for the purpose of their safety and security.


  • All members must complete the questionnaire designated for the exercise of sports, which is available in the sports or fitness halls, before the use of the sports hall and Jude Wing.
  • The members and visitors are recommended not to conduct any physical exercise that could be exhausting to then without obtaining first a physical fitness appraisal from Jude Wing or a specialist doctor in Eden Wing, if they have fear for their health condition.
  • The Club does not assume liability towards any injury resulting from wrong use of the fitness exercise equipment available in Jude Wing or in any other fitness facilities.
  • The Club reserves its right to refuse entry of a member or a guest to the sports or fitness hall, according to its absolute discretion if the health condition of the person in question is vulnerable to danger in the course of using such facility.
  • Sports’ wear and shoes are only permitted in the studio and the sports hall of Jude wing.
  • The members are not allowed to bring in special trainers into the sports hall, since the management of the Club provides trainers who are duly qualified in the sports hall, and booking can be made with them through the reception desk of Jude Wing.


  • Children under the age of (13) years of age are totally forbidden from using the swimming pool or its internal facilities.
  • To ensure security and maintain safety, the management of the Club requests from all members and/or their guest(s) not to run or jump or dive within the swimming pool area, neither to dash into the pool in a manner that would subject others to the risk of falling suddenly and sustaining bruises or drowning (God forbid).
  • Neither balls nor floaters or blowing items or masks to diving tools or flappers are permitted in the pool areas except those offered by the Club.
  • The members and their guests shall bathe before and after using the swimming pool or water facilities, and wear head covers and swimming suits adequate for use in the swimming pool or the water facilities.
  • Adherence must to the use of adequate swimming suits as per the regulations of the Club.


  • The Club shall not be liable towards any injuries or illnesses occurring to the member or her guest(s).
  • The member of the Club and the visitors must bathe before and after the use of the sauna or steam room or Jacuzzi.
  • All members shall not spend more than fifteen minutes in the sauna or steam room or Jacuzzi.
  • The members are advised to drink a big amount of water during the use of the sauna or steam room or Jacuzzi.
  • It is totally forbidden that the members and/or her visitor(s) use the sauna or steam room or Jacuzzi if they are under the effect of antihistamine or beta blockers or sedatives or other similar medications.
  • It is totally forbidden to dry swim items in the sauna room.
  • The member and her guest shall adhere to the order and cleanliness of the facility used whether the sauna or steam room or Jacuzzi, and refrain from wearing gold and jewelry when entering either, or holding mobile phone, and music player (even with personal headphones) in order to avoid burns and the danger of being electrified.


  • Reservations may be made to book some facilities in the Club while taking prior appointments.
  • All reservations must be confirmed upon arrival, and before fifteen (15) minutes of the reservation time, otherwise, the confirmed reservation shall be changed into waiting request or even cancelled, according to the absolute discretion of the Club’s management.
  • All payable fees should be made before using the relevant facility as per the prices offered by the Club.
  • Prior reservation must be made for the free sessions of accompanying guests to all wings, all in coordination with the receptionists; otherwise, the session appointment shall be cancelled and deducted from the package.


The Club reserves the right, at any time, and without prior notice, to allocated Club facilities to competitions or fairs or other social activities, without any objection thereon from the part of the members.


  • The Club abides by the general data protection law of the year 1998.
  • The personal data may be transferred to third party data processor of the personal data in fair manner in accordance with the principles of the law.
  • Each member shall have the right to view the information saved about her, and she may request from the Club to make any necessary amendments.


  • These rules and regulations are subject to the provisions of the laws of the emirate of Dubai.
  • Any dispute or disagreement between the member and/or her guests with the management of the Club regarding the interpretation or implementation of these rules and regulation shall be resolved by mutual understanding with the management of the Club, and in the event that an amicable solution was not reached then jurisdiction shall be vested in Dubai courts.