Massage Therapy

At the spa, we provide you with professional sessions that are tailored to your needs by specialized physiotherapists. Using unique products, such as aromatherapy essential oils, with a mixture of warm candles, along with a variety of distinctive technologies, to give you the perfect relaxation and vitality.

Candle Massage

A relaxing massage using candles made from a blend of natural plant oils as well as butter. The heat of a candle melts the butter and is spread like normal oil poured over the body. The precious plant butters nourish, tone and moisturize the skin; a warm and soft massage that eases tension, tones and recharges the mind and body.

60 Minutes

ghazel candle massage.jpg

Swedish Massage

A wonderful combination of medium and deep pressure, using specific strokes that help reduce both emotional and physical stress.

60 Minutes


ghazel swedish massage.jpg

Fitness & Sport Massage

A deep tissue massage focusing on the back, neck and shoulders.

60 Minutes

ghazel fitness and sports massage.jpg

Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage

A light to medium pressure massage using pure essential oil; extremely relaxing.

60 Minutes


ghazel aromatherapy relaxing message.jpg

Shiatsu Massage

Massage technique involves an ancient finger-pressure healing technique.

60 Minutes


ghazel shiatsu massage.jpg

Thai Massage

An ancient technique of deep pressure massage and stretching that….

60 Minutes

Ghazal- Thai Massage.jpg

Warm Stone Massage

Warm aromatic stones are gently placed on certain pressure points of the body to transport heat into the muscles, melting away stress and strain.

60 Minutes


ghazal warm stone massage.jpg

Oriental Head & Foot Massage

A natural healing art based on the principle that there are pressure points in the head, neck, shoulders and feet which connect to every other part of the body, encouraging it to naturally restore its own healthy balance.

60 Minutes


ghazal oriental head and foot massage.jpg