Hammam Rituals

A Magical Mix of Fragrances and Comfort

One of the special customs of the Middle East is to take care of Hammam, where they enjoy the luxury of intensive care with deep body hygiene using steam and the overall relaxation feeling associated with a massage, with a combination of perfumes and luxurious soap. In the past, baths have been, and still are treatments for many physical symptoms, such as exhaustion, insomnia and even lethargy. There is no doubt that the massage movements stimulate the circulation of blood in all sides and different parts of the body, and the steam is used to clean the skin gently, to get the highest levels of comfort and relaxation and care.

Choose your favorite Hammam that satisfies your beauty regime and enjoy luxurious types of candles, perfumes and soaps among the many varieties that suit all tastes and skin types. We are confident that the Hammam will become one of the most important rituals of your beauty, comfort and enjoyment through an an unforgettable experience by the hands of our specialists.

Bridal Hammam

A pure pampering moment starts in a quiet and private Jacuzzi room, followed with de-stress steam therapy using traditional Ghazal Water Rose or Rose Water-infused black Moroccan soap, complete full body exfoliation, a scalp massage with Argan oil, a full body herbal treatment and a hand and foot massage to feel relaxed before the special day.

120 Minutes

Ghazal- Hammam.jpg

Royal Hammam

It begins with a de-stressing moment in a private steam room with the application of black Moroccan soap over the entire body. This is followed by gentle exfoliation to get rid of dead skin and impurities followed by a customized herbal treatment and aromatic massage that aim to help you unwind and relax.

90 Minutes

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Traditional Hammam

Includes Moroccan black soap and simple use of Lefa for a high-intensity body scrub. The next step is the application of a mineral-rich Moroccan clay Rhassoul mask that is applied during the massage.  After 15 minutes, you are rinsed completely from the head to toe, leaving you completely invigorated.

60 Minutes


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Oud Hammam

A complete pampering experience with a hammam filled with Arabic perfume.

90 Minutes



Turkish Hammam Ceremony

An invitation to fulfillment and serenity! The entire Turkish ritual starts with soft steam, a body scrub with black soap followed by a massage in a cloud of foam.

60 Minutes