Beauty Salon

Zabeel Ladies Club aims to provide absolute happiness for its distinguished members by providing a luxurious atmosphere of comfort and privacy. You can spend you day working out or if you feel that you need a makeover to achieve that perfect look, or spend your day in absolute serenity, Zabeel Ladies Club can help you with that with a team consisting of professional specialists in the art of beauty, ready to provide beauty advice and guidance.

Hair Care

Your hair is the crown of your beauty. We provide you with full care for your hair, starting from washing it with the finest shampoo, moisturizing and choosing the best treatments suitable. Our professional hairdressers provide the best hairstyling and cuts that fit your needs. Only the best and finest types of hair dyes are used to give your hair the feel of shine and luxury. 

Ghazal- hair  (1).jpg

Hand and Foot Care

Arabic beauty is complemented by two, fine soft hands, adorned with luxurious nail polish and nail art. This care also includes feet, by removing the dry skin and using luxurious moisturizing scented lather, so that your steps become more graceful and astounding.

manicure .jpg

Skin Care

During the day you may experience sun and air, which makes your skin need special care and moisturizing. Our beauty and facial care professionals can make your skin moist, nutritious and rich with various masks for your skin. We offer gentle ways to remove unwanted hair, using wax or Halawa in a private environment, suitable for all types of normal or sensitive skin. We also refine your eyebrows, according to your personal wishes, and in proportion to your facial features. 


Eye Care

Your beauty shines from your eyes. At Zabeel Ladies Club, we take care of your beauty and highlight it by using the best types of eyelashes and advise on how to take care of them. We provide you with the best makeup for your facial features to make you shine for your special occassions.